Get Your Glam on with Faces by Nikki

Dated: 09/19/2019

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Video Interview with Nikki Pick, Faces by Nikki. Watch video here

Caroline Gau:              Get glamorous with Faces by Nikki.

Caroline Gau:              Hi, I'm Caroline Gau with Baird & Warner in the Glenview office, and today I'm excited to visit Nikki from Faces by Nikki. We're going to get our glam on today. So Nikki has been doing cosmetics and makeup in her home for over 20 years, and we're going to learn her secret sauce to making ladies feel glamorous. Nikki offers private services, from facials, full body waxing, eyebrow, eyelash tinting, makeup lessons, and makeup applications. So thank you for having us here today.

Nikki Pick:                   Oh, thank you for coming.

Caroline Gau:             Thank you. So it's homecoming season and mitzvah season, so what kind of things do you do to make your clients feel glamorous?

Nikki Pick:                   Well, usually I have a beautiful canvas to work with. I enhance her beauty. So what I like to do is I look at the face and I see which parts I can accentuate. A lot of times, like Jill's face here, she has beautiful eyes, gorgeous cheekbones, and she has a really nice sharp heart-shaped face, which it's those points you really want to pinpoint.

Caroline Gau:             Okay.

Nikki Pick:                   Eyes are so expressive, and it's so cool to me to really accentuate the eyes because you really can get so much from a person's inside from the outside of the eyes. So by creating the expressive eye, which I really love, is what I like to focus on.

Caroline Gau:             Nice. And does it matter what she's going to be wearing that night? Does that factor into the colors you picked for today?

Nikki Pick:                   It does. I mean, usually I'll ask somebody what they're wearing, but most the time, people wear black, maybe white. So rather basic colors that I can really do anything I really want. Whenever I have a client who sits in my chair, the first questions that I ask is, "What are you comfortable seeing yourself wearing?" Because if I'm going to put on purples and blues and she doesn't like something that's purples, grays, blues, and those kinds of shades, I don't want her to look at herself in the mirror and feel very uncomfortable.

Caroline Gau:             Right.

Nikki Pick:                   So my thing is to then say, "Do you like more warm shades or more cool? What is going to make you feel comfortable?" So that you look at yourself, you feel beautiful, but you still feel comfortable in your own skin.

Caroline Gau:             Nice. All right. Let's see what you do. Will you show us the airbrush that you were showing me?

Nikki Pick:                   Sure. So this airbrush is wonderful. It gives the face a very flawless complexion. It's great for pictures, great for parties. It stays on all day until you really take off any of your makeup, and you can layer it as heavy as you want or as thin as you want. Right now, Jill probably tell you that it feels like she has absolutely no foundation on. It doesn't feel like she has any product on her face. So it's really nice for people who don't like to wear the makeup, and it gives them also, they look at their face and they're like, "I can't believe I have foundation on." But how you feel, it looks so much better. And people that don't like to wear makeup, I usually recommend this because it does feel so light. And like I said, I can go on as light or as heavy as I want to.

Caroline Gau:             So Nikki, what services do your clients most request?

Nikki Pick:                   It's actually seasonal, so it depends. During the summer time, I might do a lot more body waxing, eyebrow waxing, bikini waxes, all that. Then from fall until about spring, I'm doing a lot of makeup for going to bat mitzvahs, for weddings, for special occasions.

Caroline Gau:             So what would be a go-to hack you can tell us for when we're doing our makeup at home?

Nikki Pick:                   At home? The best thing that I focus on is that if you're just getting up and going, put on a tinted moisturizer because it adds a little bit of color to your face, but it also gives you sun protection that you need, and also, it can add, it can cover it and give you a smooth complexion. Then, put a little bit of blush and mascara. You put those three things on, boom, and out the door. You'll still look like you're awake, you'll still look like you have something on, but it's something easy and quick for you to do. And then if you're going out for more of a glamorous night, that's when I say go get yourself either made up, or that's where I would add more of the heavier makeup that I would be doing.

Caroline Gau:               Got it. So at night, you do more on the eyes? Like darker?

Nikki Pick:                    Yeah, I emphasize more on the eyes, and it's great. And I can even show you a little bit of an eye technique, too, if you'd like. But yeah, at night time, I usually do that.

Caroline Gau:               All right.

Nikki Pick:                    Okay?

Caroline Gau:               Let's see what you do with the eye.

Nikki Pick:                    So again, I'm going to say, Jill, what do you feel comfortable with? Are you more cool tones, warm tones? What do you like to see yourself in?

Caroline Gau:              I guess warm.

Nikki Pick:                    Okay, so she's wearing something black, so we're going to go with something that's a little bit more browns, and we're going to go with some burgundies that do have some warm tones and some golds.

Caroline Gau:               How many colors are you using for her eye?

Nikki Pick:                    Just three and I just put them together.

Caroline Gau:               Three?

Nikki Pick:                   Yeah. Just for the inside of this eye. And then usually after I do something, I want to keep looking at it. It's almost like doing ... I'm painting her face. So as I do it, I want to look and see what I've done. Do I need to add a little bit more depth to it? Do I need to add a lightener? Where am I going to add the lightness in it so that her eye pops out? So now, I have a little bit of depth, that's right there. So now I want to make her lid pop out more. So what makes the eye pop out is more light colors, so that's what I'm going with.

Caroline Gau:             It's almost to highlight.

Nikki Pick:                   Highlight the lid. And what I'll do is I will probably also come towards ... I will line it with the liner, which will then define her eye even more.

Caroline Gau:             On top of the eyelash?

Nikki Pick:                   On top of the eyelash, and I'll show you that. Being that it's daytime, she's not going to a place that's going to be really fancy, we're going to keep it very light and very neutral.

Caroline Gau:             You also sell cosmetics?

Nikki Pick:                   I do. I have my own private ... I have a skincare line, too, that I do sell that's a professional line, and I sell ... which is Image, and I use Bioline. Those are the two lines that I use, and then for my makeup, it's my own private line.

Caroline Gau:             I'd be interested in some sunscreen that maybe has a tinge of foundation in it because I'm not really good about wearing sunscreen even though we're supposed to.

Nikki Pick:                  Sunscreen? So Image is great. It's basically a wonderful tinted moisturizer, because actually it just blends in with your skin. I've had people who have had really dark skin and people who have had really light skin. It just kind of blends in. It pulls out your natural skin tone. And I actually have it on now. So I use that with a powder over it, and then I'm set to go.

Caroline Gau:             Wow. And that keeps you all day.

Nikki Pick:                   That's all day, and it's a 30 SPF, so I don't have to reapply it. When I go to the pool and everything, that's what I put on.

Caroline Gau:             Nice.

Nikki Pick:                   Now, I'm going to start with her liner. This is just what I like to see. I like to see softness, I don't like to see a lot of harsh lines. So with her liner underneath, just like this. Look up for me.

Caroline Gau:             You blending?

Nikki Pick:                   Just blending. Actually the dark black line that I put underneath her eyeliner. When you curl your eyelashes, it helps your eyes to look open a bit. Look down. And then look up.

Caroline Gau:              Does that feel weird? Jill: A little. Caroline: Are there different types of mascara that give you different ... if you have a different goal? Darker versus longer lashes?

Nikki Pick:                   Again, since I do so many more weddings and bat mitzvahs, I tend to go more with waterproof mascara because some of the people cry all the time or whatever, so that's usually what I do.

Caroline Gau:             Thank you so much, Nikki. Now how can we get ahold of you if we want a consultation?

Nikki Pick:                  You can always call me on my cell phone or text me at 312-593-5777. You can also contact me through my Facebook page, Faces by Nikki. You can PM me there, and you can also send me an email if you'd like to at

Caroline Gau:             Thank you so much.

Nikki Pick:                   Thank you, it was a pleasure to be here.

Caroline Gau:             You're beautiful.

Jill:                              Thanks.

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